We look for people who enjoy serving others and who are attentive to the needs of others. Da Marco’s service staff must maintain a high level of accountability while on location at the event. Their jobs include packing and unpacking of the trucks, organizing an operational workspace, setting tables, chairs, linens, buffet pieces, props, catering equipment, and decor. The variety of events that Da Marco Catering can assemble range from very formal and upscale to very casual or even themed or multi-themed. These different types of events will always require the service staff to adapt to the different expectations and workload. Our service staff must be ready to perform the following.

  • Pass food on small platters
  • Creatively display foods on buffets
  • Assist chefs in completion at action stations
  • Execute multi-course plated meals where timing and neatness is of utmost importance
  • Accommodate any combination of these service styles in a single event


We are always looking for local or western people
to join our team, if you are interested in working for
Da Marco Catering feel free to contact us at
or by phone 33506610 Ext: 899